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A resolutely multicultural company with numerous nationalities represented among our employees, Reed MIDEM brings together a wide range of skills, from sales to marketing and digital, customer service, content development (conferences, partnerships, press, etc.) and of course operations. The enthusiasm and passion of our employees for what they do, are the keys to our success.




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Our sales team provides sales consultancy to targeted B2B audiences, which requires an excellent understanding of the client’s  industry and strategic goals, a strong drive for commercial growth, and the ability to formulate medium term action plans.

Juan Bravo
Sales Executive

Working in sales at Reed MIDEM means to be constantly connecting with passionate leaders from all over the world, understanding their needs, and helping them to meet the right partners. World leader in organizing B-to-B events means to have a global view of the business industry, adapting rapidly to changes and constantly learning from it.

Leticia Godinho 
Sales Manager

I am a born relationship broker, proud to represent Reed MIDEM, a world leader in organising B2B trade events. I identify with the company’s values – meeting others and understanding their needs, the challenge of always learning and making progress, both the human and technical aspects. I’m at home in a multicultural environment, and I’m self-motivated to offer solutions adapted to the client’s needs.

Sylvain Faureau
Director of Sales

My role is central; the commercial policy that I define with my teams for each geographic region covers clients’ strategies and their marketing and financial challenges. Dealing with different cultures, the job demands open-mindedness, empathy, and good language skills. The passion generated by our events is key, because success depends in part on our capacity to convey this.

Marketing & Digital

With the digital revolution, we need solid marketing skills to anticipate what is going to happen tomorrow: strategic marketing, data, social media, cross-media communication, etc. The challenge is being able to innovate and benchmark, to remain leader and ahead of the curve.

Christophe Belval
E-Products & Services Manager

Working in digital at Reed MIDEM means trying to improve preparation for participants and their online journey: facilitating purchase of accreditation, identifying and meeting the right people, and having a successful overall experience. With more than 20 events, the playing field is huge! 

Céline Battestini
Director of Data & Client Relations

My daily life involves putting the client and data at the heart of what we do with the aim of creating value. I and my team are fortunate to work in an innovative environment and to have access to tools and products that allow us to offer the best client experience.

Mathieu Pesin
Product Manager

Brand management at Reed MIDEM means working for emblematic tradeshows that seek to develop their brand value, while adapting to changes in their industry, knowing how to identify clients’ needs, responding with valuable business solutions, orchestrating action plan implementation and working with the various event teams.

Client Services

Our activities in direct contact with clients demand good relationship skills, rigour, and responsiveness. Within the client services department, or in support of the sales force, our teams deliver the kind of quality service to match the excellence expected by our international clientele.

Emmanuelle Gros
Client Administration Manager

My role at Reed Midem is to provide our exhibitors with a premium experience, based on a genuine relationship. I have enjoyed a varied career within the company, working in sales then in client services. Now I have moved into a management post, in which I am responsible for a team of six.

Luigia De Ianni
Sales Coordination Manager

My working environment is truly multicultural, with co-workers of various nationalities and clients from around 100 countries who come to participate in the tradeshows we organise around the world. I am Italian, but at Reed MIDEM, I feel like a “citizen of the world”.

Content and Conferences

The creation of content is one of the major elements of our value proposition. Our teams analyse trends and organise conference programmes, partnerships and events involving contributors who are experts in their sector and recognised on the international stage.

Logistics and Operations

The logistics and operations teams play a key role, providing the link between service providers and clients and helping to define the look and feel of an event. They are responsible for assembling exhibition space and staging,  and making sure events start on time, with full regard for the safety and security requirements that are essential in our business.

Amandine Cassi
Editorial & Production Manager

Analysing trends, anticipating change, inspiring our clients – that is what I strive for on a daily basis when defining the editorial strategy for MIP markets, bringing in some of the most influential decision-makers and talent in the worldwide industry. I’m fortunate to work in an exciting sector: as a big fan of TV series, I’m very lucky to work closely with those who create and distribute them.

Asmaa Cech
Technical Services Manager

I have been lucky enough to have had several functions in my 17 years with Reed MIDEM. I spent five years in the press department, nearly 10 years in operations, where I learnt a new trade, before being promoted to Director of Technical Services, in charge of a team of 11.


Every year, we welcome 20 work release students in marketing, sales and IT. This win-win partnership allows students to use their skills, while learning about our activities and corporate culture. In turn, this provides a pool of young talent for our future recruitment needs.

Charlotte Combet
Assistant Product Manager 

Being a work release student at Reed MIDEM was a great opportunity. The company is ambitious, and it enabled me to grow, to take on responsibility, and to blossom, inspiring me to move my career forward. The teams are motivated and work together to achieve the best results.

Yan Girout
Web Marketing Assistant

Doing work release at Reed MIDEM offered many advantages, in particular working in several fields. The staff are dynamic, accessible and enthusiastic. This allowed me to develop my professional skills, while acquiring some solid new ones.

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